Do you have those days - when the patchwork has too many grey spaces, the colours clash and finding the right pattern, or any meaning in the fabric - is just so hard?

Some things need shelving! And folding is one of those things I've got worked out.

Hope the colours are working out for you today.


brain wave

Promontory by Joel McNeely on Grooveshark

I've been falling into the screen visualiser on my computer monitor -
It's too mesmerising - intimate - intense.
Like a fire.



ideas born

It's happening isn't it?

I'm slowly - but quite surely, beginning to abandon my blog.
I've had my needs met -
Used her for all she's worth....
I grasped for her in the beginning - begging for space and a voice and 5 moments every other day that would allow my other voice to sing out - the one that doesn't have dishwater hands or stoop to scrub the glue-like substance of weatbix from the floor - 
the space that encouraged me to express my love for motherhood and the bits that challenged me -
a space that reminded me that I see things in feeling - 
and feel in colour - 
a space to record thoughts and moments, not let them float up - away.
Now there is a reversal -
and expressing ideas are a weekly requirement. Now they flow out in rapid succession to be analysed and evaluated, challenged and questioned. Now expression is being assessed. 
It's filling me up and spinning me with stimulation.

I have no time for her anymore, this blog of mine - though I love her still.
I wonder if she'll continue to bother with me.


senses shared

read: Alice Pung's Unpolished Gem for Uni - and with pleasure.
taste: All the wonderful meals that are being cooked for me - tasting so much better now that the kitchen is his place not mine.
see: Kescha's magnificent creations - oh to have pink wool hair and a love heart nose!
Seven Devils by Florence + The Machine on Grooveshark
because i can't get enough of Florence + the Machine at the moment.
smell: Patchouli and soap
touch: The spines of books in the library - light finger-tipped and searching.
think: On knitting as the days start to cool but don't quite know where to start - it all looks so good!
feel: The reaching out into the world and finding so much there.



The first day of autumn and already she is pushing through her dark bright lights - the cool and the colour is whipping at our ankles, bunching at our necks.
This one is vibrant and determined.
Cheers to you. Celebrate.
Season changed.


shared senses and a deep love for MONA

I enjoy visiting bohemian twilight and wandering through Monica's shared senses -
I love how a very clear and full picture can be internally painted via a few thoughtful words and a tune.
Monica invites visitors to join in and share in the senses tour..


seeMONA - Museum of Old and New Art - in Hobart, Tasmania. There will be many posts to come about my experiences within that brilliant and extraordinary place.

A Few Hours After This by The Cure on Grooveshark
- an old album on the new record player.

read: Indelible Ink - by Fiona McGregor. A slow start for me but the the writing drew me in eventually with its fine and sometimes cruel insight into the dynamics of family. First book for the newly formed book club.

taste: Coffee. Always Coffee

touch: Small hands. Soft skin.

think: On a big change

feel: Revived and renewed after experiencing a deeply thoughtful gift from my partner - 3 whole days away in Tasmania, to delve into the stunning gifts of mona.


birthday girl

It's the besties birthday today -
She's jam packed with generosity and spot-on insight, thought and loyalty.
She's got dag and style, super sharp intellect and a heap of quirk.
She's got a lot to give - and she does.
I'm lucky she's my friend.
Happy birthday P. Every time I hear this song - I think of you.



I Shrunk The Hand Knits........... There. It is said! 
Mum - I am sorry!

I'm a knitter. A - not especially often and very slow knitter - but a knitter non the less. I know how much work and love and not-particularly-cheap yarn goes into a child's jumper. I know that when it is a gift it is made with thought and generosity and a whole-lotta time.
I know that wool hand knits require hand washing. HAND washing!

I now know that the hand wash setting on the washing machine does not mean that the machine has hands...... no no no - that machine does not have hands, so don't you go believing that when you read it. And, even though that machine is only attached to the cold water tap - it can heat itself up All On Its Own. It's true.
I also know that even when the grubby hand knits that have been sitting in a pile for days, weeks.... waiting to be hand washed because well - 
there are lists upon lists of things that are waiting around to get done and it's only the basics that ever seem to get a look in -
that actually, It Really Is Best to let that pile remain a pile for as long as deemed necessary, than be thrown with ignorant trust and faith in everything 'n anything written (setting: Hand Wash) into said washing machine that does not come with hands - and get...... shrunk.

But surely there are ways to redeem such naivety (laziness)?
Re-construct. Recreate. Recycle. Redeem.


Even in the midst of Summer our girls like to take a hot water bottle to bed....yeah, go figure. 
Anyhow Harper Blue needed a cover for hers. 
And all that lovely work that my mum created has not gone to waste. It will still be snuggled into and loved - every night - yep, even when the temps hit 30.

And there is still plenty more for pieces to be made into small cushions for both the girls.
Redeemed? maybe...

Any recreations or redemptions been going on at your place this week?