ideas born

It's happening isn't it?

I'm slowly - but quite surely, beginning to abandon my blog.
I've had my needs met -
Used her for all she's worth....
I grasped for her in the beginning - begging for space and a voice and 5 moments every other day that would allow my other voice to sing out - the one that doesn't have dishwater hands or stoop to scrub the glue-like substance of weatbix from the floor - 
the space that encouraged me to express my love for motherhood and the bits that challenged me -
a space that reminded me that I see things in feeling - 
and feel in colour - 
a space to record thoughts and moments, not let them float up - away.
Now there is a reversal -
and expressing ideas are a weekly requirement. Now they flow out in rapid succession to be analysed and evaluated, challenged and questioned. Now expression is being assessed. 
It's filling me up and spinning me with stimulation.

I have no time for her anymore, this blog of mine - though I love her still.
I wonder if she'll continue to bother with me.


senses shared

read: Alice Pung's Unpolished Gem for Uni - and with pleasure.
taste: All the wonderful meals that are being cooked for me - tasting so much better now that the kitchen is his place not mine.
see: Kescha's magnificent creations - oh to have pink wool hair and a love heart nose!
Seven Devils by Florence + The Machine on Grooveshark
because i can't get enough of Florence + the Machine at the moment.
smell: Patchouli and soap
touch: The spines of books in the library - light finger-tipped and searching.
think: On knitting as the days start to cool but don't quite know where to start - it all looks so good!
feel: The reaching out into the world and finding so much there.



The first day of autumn and already she is pushing through her dark bright lights - the cool and the colour is whipping at our ankles, bunching at our necks.
This one is vibrant and determined.
Cheers to you. Celebrate.
Season changed.