The Book Thief

I'm reading The Book Thief

I read it on the train - on the way to work - once a week.
Working has been good for me. After almost 4 years of focusing entirely on the littles in the family - I have returned to the world of paid work (paid = $. not reward).

Oh the rewards I experience from those littles.
The ferocious love felt and given.
The music of sibling-bonded-laughter.
The wonder coloured world they have painted for us.

And OH the challenges.
...... oh....... the......... challenges!

So. It is with great honesty that I say.....  I rather enjoy my time travelling to and from work - that one day in my week.

On that one day I am consumed by the words offered by Marcus Zusak in his novel 'The Book Thief'.

It is devastating and stunning. It bends me backwards and my heart in-on-itself.
It rings in my ears all day. And calls for me during the week.

It makes me cry on the train. It urges me to call out to everyone around me and bring them into it.
"Can you see?!!! Can you see what is going on in here??"

It is narrated by Death. He / She is quite a poet actually. And at times a comic.
Always all-seeing.

I love my one-day-a-week with the book thief!

Perhaps you too have read it?

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