I came across The Daring Book for Girls - Australian Edition in our local library.

I'd seen it around in book shops. You know - great title - textured cover.... but hadn't picked it up.
Anyway - I was having a flick through and was delighted to see quite a few references to Australian Aboriginal culture.
And Woman Explorers, Inventors, Scientists, Olympians - and Queens of the Ancient worlds.

I was relieved that it's not overflowing with recipes for gingerbread men and DIY fairy-wings.
It's varied and informative and re-freshing.

But I'm not here to give book reviews... I just wanted to share something lovely I learned when I was having a wander through.

Yolnu is the language spoken by the people of Arnham Land. And this language has words that English doesn't..... and it's beautiful!

Rinydjirinydjmirri - Place in the distance scarcely visible to through the rain

Barawun - Rays of sunlight before sunrise

Marrawana - To make noise like a sail in the wind

Mul'mulmirriyirri - To be covered by a cloud

Dududu - happy singsong when young people are taught to dance...........

And I especially like this one!

Gumurr-dharrwa - Taking more than one side in an arguement

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