better late....

It's late I know - but I'm on the job to get this made As Soon As Possible!
It's time to stop putting it all off and embrace the spirit of it!
Also - finding a whole lot of inspiration here - and wishing I could get my knitting fingers to dance....
Oh - and if you recall me ranting about this bloke - you'll know I'm a fair bit fond of him!
We SAW him perform on Friday night at the Corner Hotel - He absolutely did not disappoint!
Nor did the surprise Melbourne getaway - nor the Greek feast - nor the very fun company of 'me man'...


  1. What a sweet calendar!!! I have the old one that I grew up that is hung up now for my boys and it is so exciting. Their screams of joy every morning makes me feel so lucky!

  2. The photograph of the sky is so, so beautiful. And the calendar looks amazing.

    By the way, thank you for expressing interest in the magazine. I will tell you more about it (including how to submit) when I have finished the website, probably in a few weeks.


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