the countdown calendar and a creative community

The countdown calendar got done! Phew!
I am personally looking forward to the 5th day before Christmas - it reads:
"paint mama & papa's toenails any colour, everyone get Dress-Up-Box dressed for a pancake & popcorn dinner!"
If you're interested in the painting above the fireplace - it's by local artist Marcia King. We bought it from a wonderful shop called can't think straight - just around the corner from us.
When I saw it - it immediately left a very deep imprint. I couldn't let it go. Some people find it very dark and then they look at it a little longer - a little harder - and see that it is quite the opposite. 
To me it says... 'we're all just feeling our way'.

I live in a small town full of creativity. I am reminded of it in the corners of my home.
That beautiful bird painting was created for us by our friend and artist Josh as a gift for a bit-of-a-celebration we had back in February (i'll write about it soon... it was insanely fun!). 
She's special that bird, don't you think? She Knows things! 
You can read more on Josh here and here.
The mortar and pestle were also gifted to us In Celebration by a group of very thoughtful women who know that I am quite taken by the works of local ceramicist Bridget Bodenham. The majority of her work is exquisitely fine - smooth - personal somehow. If you follow the link and see her spoons, you'll see that they have no place in a home that is shared with a 21 month old.... no way!

And the plates on the lower shelf - again gifted - and again by another very talented local ceramic artisan who forms a part of  Clayspace - Daylesford Region Ceramics Co-operative. If you're ever in the area - please visit them. Their very inspiring, beautiful space sits looking over this lake:

Yep - not a bad place to live at all....
Visiting: Kootoyoo's creative spaces


  1. Wow, where you live looks beautiful!! That countdown calendar is soo cute. Great idea!

  2. I love your advent activity! I've been trying to think of more for our calendar - think I'll borrow from your ideas. And thank you for your lovely comment on my 'chicken skirt' ;-)

  3. Hey well done on promoting hardworking local artisans..im loving the images..beauuutifooooll..

  4. oh that advent activity would be a classic - must remember to get a little crazy with when my kids are a little older. at the moment, it just excites them to make reindeer food and bake christmas cookies!!! xx

  5. It must feel great to be surrounded by so many creative people and feel the community's presence even in your home. I don't feel that yet, but hopefully I someday will. It must be so encouraging in order to do creative things, with so many people to learn from!

  6. Certainly seems to be a town bursting with creativity. I'm not a small town person but I might be more inclined if it were in a place with so much inspiration.

    (ps I really like the bird painting!)

  7. hello violetta!! i really like that your town is so creative, that's such a good thing! you know, sometimes i think in big cities (like madrid, where i live) is less easy to find creativity because the people nowadays are so busy with this life style (consuming a lot, working a lot to earn money, etc) that i think there's a lot less space for creativity!! and i miss that a lot! i used to be a very creative person but in the last years i kind of stopped doing little projects for myself... it's only recently that i'm starting again, and it feels a lot better!!
    wow. long comment, but your post made me reflect about all this :)
    kisses and thanks for your comments i loved them!! (so jealous it's summer now there in australia and here it's sooo cold!! :))

  8. where exactly do you live? iam curious! to hear-read more about it.
    loving these pottery images. and countdown calender.
    have a great week!

  9. nope, not a bad place to live in at all! that's stunning.

  10. Thanks all for your lovely words!! Sara - I live in Daylesford which is just over an hours drive west of Melbourne - Australia.
    Hope you're all having an as-peaceful-as-possible lead up to Christmas!
    Mika x

  11. cool advent calendar, the activities sound so much fun! love both paintings, it's so great you can buy from local artists and support the community :-)

  12. I love how your home is filled with so many thoughtful, artisan pieces, and to be gifts from such kind friends. Very special! Your community sounds like a fantastic place to live. :) Off to check out all the links. Have a beautiful weekend!

  13. Thanks for coming by and commenting on my blog -- I am absolutely taken by this post, the beauty of the ceramics, the bird, and then this gorgeous photo at the end. What a gorgeous place and community!

    Many blessings,


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