I've been watching the world through heavy lungs this past week.
Cold, pained, brittle lungs. Fighting lungs. 
It's a nasty flu this one. Very few have been spared....

Caring for the littles - on laboured limbs - hurts. Helplessness hurts.

Still. It is fleeting for us. Severe but brief. 
Do you have those times where your sickness sees you begging for relief?
'I just want to feel well again - I just want to feel normal. I will appreciate my health when it returns!'

And our health returns. And the appreciation lasts a day before we are swept so brilliantly back Up with all those smaller things that make that great big whole.

My thoughts turn to those who - simply - not even in the least - 'have their health'.

I am grateful that those littles of mine are well again. And in a few days my lungs and I will be grateful to be in the world again. The fresh, colourful, vibrant world.
And maybe. Just maybe - a few days after that - I will spend some time thinking on what good thing I can do with that health of mine.

I hope you and your health are on good terms today! 

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