My creative space

I'm not great at sewing! Really, really not great...
But I'm lucky - I like a rough edge. A raw, incomplete, irregular, surprising edge.
And I enjoy sewing.

I found some inspiration in Growing Up Sew Liberated (great title don't you think?). 
The project - seen here - that I (sort of) followed, uses numbers instead of letters, straight edges instead of....., colourful fabric cut-outs instead of basic outlines, pegs and branches instead of velcro and double sided tape.
But I'm happy with my adaptation. And sometimes my 3-nearly-4 year old is too.

I don't have a strong interest or inclination toward 3 years olds learning the alphabet. The world for them is pretty big on sensory stimulation and learning as it is.
In growth
In relating to their surroundings and to others
In themselves
In play - most importantly 
In Play

But providing opportunity in learning, as opposed to the possible anxiety of expectation, certainly has weight for me.
At the moment our letters are used as tools for actions. 
Play, Dance, Fun, Make, Cake
Or a friend's name
The letters themselves aren't of much interest as yet - except that it's fun to put them in different spots, and feel their texture, and hide them.
And when that interest evolves and grows into something else, these rough edged - sewn with love - softly textured letters will be waiting..... well, at least the ones that haven't been hidden too well!

What's been happening in your Creative Space?


  1. Oh I totally agree with you. At this young age is the time to learn through play... and to enjoy to learn: to enquire, to resolve, to explore, to imagine. Rote learning letters is blah blah... but yes, nice to have them around nonetheless :)

    I'm totally digging your creative space :)

  2. I remember when my daughter Hannah was just learning to read she would see letters everywhere we walked...in cloud formations in the sky in the shape of puddles on the pavement...this is a great idea Violetta and a beautiful photo...


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