My creative space

I've been inspired by quite a few posts from Kootoyoo in the past.

But this was a particular gem that got me very busy sewing lacey fabric pieces around jars.... lots of lacey fabric pieces, lots of jars.... lot's. 

Most of them were used as lanterns for a 'rather big bash' we had at the start of the year.
We used candles. It rained.
Never mind. Fun was still had and the lanterns still looked beautiful - drowned as they were.

I recently decided to make a few over - give them new life - new perspective.... 
I filled them with soil, chucked in a succulent and hung them from a circular metal frame we found at the market. Then hung that at the front of the house.
So far - succulents, jars, lacey fabric pieces and myself, are quite happy with the new (dry) arrangement.

The favourite still lights our way at dinner time!

What's been happening in your Creative Space?


  1. such a great innovative idea and so pretty

  2. Thanks Anna! You're my very first comment! Think I might have a glass of champas - cheers!


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