I Could Die Looking at You

Listen to this man....
He sounds like Sunday.
He sounds like our place right now - where there's a three year old who turns four tomorrow.

There's a whole lot to celebrate in that Four!
For her and for us.
For us - well - this three-nearly-four-year-old took quite some time in the making.
It got hard.
It's not an uncommon story is it - but a story non-the-less....

And I'll share it with you one day -

But for now I'll say - when a kind stranger said to us "read This Book" - she changed our lives.
I wish I could tell her that.
I'll tell you instead.


  1. Hope your having a birthday full of wonderment, Kescha. 4 Wow! Love Mark and Ron

  2. For the morrow !!!

  3. Happy birthday K!

    I look fwd to you sharing the long story with us one day.

    But for now, I have just reserved that book from the library. xx


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