blackout poetry

I was visiting artistic odyssey a few weeks back and came across a post on blackout poetry featuring the work of Tyler Knott.

It encouraged me to search for more ....

And when I did - i discovered Austin Kleon

I have to say...... there's something about blackout poetry. 
I love it!
It ignites curiosity - maybe a bit of intrigue - bit of cloak 'n dagger - revelation of code....

You know those movies where you get access to an underworld. 
Where you're driven through dark empty roads lined with very tall ominous trees. Usually you're in a limousine driven by someone who is very still, very silent and very faceless. 
There's music - it's unsettling.
And then you're driven up a very long driveway and at the end there's nearly always a mansion. All lit up and powerful against the dark. They're beautiful those mansions - just like the Siren's song.
But usually you're not really getting all this because you are - of course - blindfolded.
You're taken (by the faceless silent) through those towering doors - you're blindfold is removed.
And there it is - (you can fill this space with you're own imagery....)

For me, it's the thought:
"So! That's what's been going on behind these doors..... so that's what's Really been happening"
Blackout feels the same. 
Like you've been let in on a secret.
"So that's what's Really been going on behind those words! And all this time I though it was saying something entirely different"

And what a wonderful way to write horoscopes!
I think this process of creating poetry would be great for kids. Mine can't read yet - but just getting them to circle words then colour in the rest of the page..... well - it would be so interesting to see what they reveal.


  1. i have seen some before but your collection is amazing!
    yes there is something very special about this kind of poetry
    i ma loving it !

  2. i agree! this would be a fun thing for kids to do...might pick up some used books and let my kids play around with this - thanks for the idea!

  3. I like how you feel about blackout. It's been a fascination of mine for a while now. I love it and I love toying around with the idea of creating some.

    p.s. Bob Dylan is one of the best. :)

  4. What an interesting post. Blackout poetry is indeed very "revealing" (a good choice of word). I think it reveals not only the secrets within the poem, but also the secrets within the person who selected the words. No doubt if we were all given the same page of poetry, we'd create completely different blackout poems from one another. It really is a fascinating form of writing - or rearranging, shall we say. I love "release the balloons"!

  5. Love this post on Blackout poetry. I definitely agree with BK Punia: if given the same page of poetry, all of the poems would be different.

    Thanks for the lovely shout out.

  6. Wow I never saw this before!!! I think it's a great idea! It is creative and original and beautiful. Maybe now when I read the newspaper I'll try to make one... :) Thanks for sharing it, so inspiring!!


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