I have framed a drawing I did a while back.
Not because it's especially good.... But to act as a reminder.

A reminder that drawing - for me - is relaxing, meditative.... enjoyable.

At certain - particularly! -  busy times of life, these things get overlooked. Why we don't prioritise the things that are good for us is a reoccurring question.

We have two notebooks here, one for each of the girls, to record their observations and the wonderful quirkiness of their experimentation with language. One is completely blank as the youngest is still talking in a very unique and magical language Completely Of Her Own (oh what awaits those pages....)!
The notebook that belongs to our eldest has some beauties..

"the moon is awake and he's at my house!"
"strawberries..... don't eat strawberries!"

But then - this:

"Mama! I can't hear you, you're very busy cleaning!"

Oh.... Dear!

So - this framing has a few reminders stamped on it should I choose to see them. 
Drawing is pleasurable - Yes. Take time to do more of it - Yes.
And - if she and she and I all sit beside each other and draw together - well.... that speaks for itself.

.....just after I wipe the cereal from the table, change a nappy, wipe a nose, resolve a conflict, interpret, negotiate, feed.
It will happen - I'm-Sure-Of-It!

How about you? Anything 'written' on your wall? What does it say?

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  1. "Why we don't prioritise the things that are good for us is a reoccurring question."
    Indeed! I wonder that myself. Drawing is a soothing activity for me as well, though I'm not serious about or talented at it. (Your drawing is really good!) Besides doodles every now and then, I haven't made time for drawing in half a year, at least. You've inspired me to pull out my sketchpad soon!

    Your daughter's words made me smile. :)

  2. The programming to put others first when raising a family is quite strong! Maybe if we labelled that hour or three as "right brain exercise", or "community work" or 'mental fitness" (in parallel with physical fitness), "saving the planet!" anything other...
    Because that old truism works, if you're looking after yourself, then you're in good shape for everyone and everything else, planet included! Kate


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