I am Gathering. 
finding. sourcing. collecting. making..... thinking on
Small Things. 
Just a few - but enough - to make up a parcel to send to an as-yet unknown address. 
To a person I have never met, 
nor spoken to, 
nor know anything about.

It is a very wonderful thing!

It's a give and receive project in celebration of the festive season. 
For me it is also a celebration of the delights of Slow Mail - of the handwritten - of the journey over the seas that patterns a parcel not only with what it contains and the thoughts of its creator - but in the time it takes and the places it has moved through. 

In this one idea - many more are conjured. 
Thoughts on the process and feeling of giving to a stranger. Thoughts on connecting. 

We do connect very differently with the the handwritten envelope, don't we? - than the typed one - than the sounding of an sms - the number on the email inbox.
That pen mark speaks volumes. It warms.
Do you agree?

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  1. really nice and inspiring reflections!!! slow mail... indeed i should practice that more often! :) and thanks for your lovely comment in my blog - i just started blogging and photographing short time ago! bisous!!

  2. It will be a wonderful intuitive gift!! Have a fabulous collective weekend:)

  3. This is lovely, lovely, lovely and the photographs are stunning. It is such an exciting little adventure, isn't it? Your thoughts are true; there is something more intimate about an envelope on the doormat, and certainly there are very few greater delights in the world than sharing and giving.

  4. These photos are lovely. Handwritten mail trumps all other forms of written communication. It is indeed very warming to receive mail (and to send it off)!

  5. I very much agree with you. I'm also getting little things together, collecting and sourcing.. I love receiving mail too, I love even just marvelling at someone's handwriting, in these days of emails and text messages. xxx

  6. i love love love this blog. happiness wrapped in warmth.jodie xo

  7. that book is wonderful...I'm a bit of a squirrel too when it comes to ephemera...I use to have little envelopes like the ones with little buttons on stuck up on my studio wall at uni...those were the days...


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