This week is feeling light despite the grey.
There are festivities afoot... celebrations of completion and achievement - a party!
There are birthdays.
Milestone purchases.
The closing in of a year - and the emerging whispers of a new one.
Do we celebrate the end of one - or the start of a new one?
 - or do we bring their hands together and say:
"you two! you know, you're not all that different... you should hang out more!"

Yes - today there is colour?
Is there for you?


  1. I love the color combination, I like bright colors. Not much color today here in Rome, it's gloomy and rainy. I just found you now and I'm following you immediately. My husband is Japanese and now that he retired he has taken up painting and drawing...not so talented though:) But of course he thinks he's the Japanese Picasso:). Hello from the other side of the Pacific...or is it the Atlantic? Anyway, I am Sicilian and I know there are many Sicilians in Australia right?

  2. Definitely sounds like a week of vibrant color. :)

    Love the idea of celebrating bringing the years together. Beautiful blog!

  3. Aw! Yes. today is full of colors. Pastel and bright and it makes me happy. Thanks for following my blog, dear ♥ love the painting!

  4. How night!! Have a great party!!

  5. Hope all the celebration go (went?) wonderfully. We recently had a birthday at our house - my "baby" brother turned 13! *sniff*

    These past few days have been sort of a pale grey-blue. But with vibrant veins of colour running through every now and then. :)

  6. Thank you all!! There was dancing! It was indeed a celebration! I hope you all had a wonderful week end too!

  7. This post put a smile on my face.


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