the music plays for you my friend

Angie by Tori Amos on Grooveshark

Listening to Tori Amos is like being transported hard and fast back into my 17 year old self. 
There is the same heart-shape, tender skin, quiet raw ache.
I don't listen to Tori much these days - it can be exhausting - but I do value those moments when the portal presents itself.
Music is power.
Thank you Amanda for helping me overcome my fear of 'the html' so that I can creep down / and share, a few more portals of the past and present variety - this one's for you!
And thank you too - to those who left comments ensuring its ease - appreciated!


  1. Love Tori!!! One of my favorites. Raw and powerful.


  2. thanks for the trip to the past ; )

  3. I have those albums, too—the ones that are almost too heartbreaking to go back to because they defined me at a certain point in my life, a past point. They're too beautiful and too powerful, but every once in a while I build up the courage.

  4. Yes, I agree...music is Power! I am following you from Rome, Italy.

  5. there you did it!

    love the image.

  6. Gorgeous painting, and I agree with you about Tori, a little exhausting at times, but truly moving at other times :). That's a good balance I think...Looking forward to hearing more of the music you like!!

  7. Listening to Tori Amos brings me back! Reminds me of Lilith Fair, although I'm not exactly sure she ever played that tour (and if not, then she totally should have!).

  8. i couldn't agree more! tori was good listening and now, unless i'm in that space emotionally, it wears me out.

  9. You just took me back to my 17 year old self too! Thank you, I agree she can be exhausting, but her songs are just so hauntingly beautiful, aren't they?

  10. Music has such a powerful way of transporting me directly to a time and place in my heart. What an achingly beautiful song.


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