I'm really enjoying visiting blogs at the moment that offer a music console with a song to listen to while reading. It creates mood - and insight into the musical tastes of the blog's author. Pretty great way to discover new music too.
I first noticed it here, and then here - 
"where's she been?" I hear you say. 
Well - at times I can be a little slow on the uptake...

So I would love to add my own console to my posts too -  as further illustration. Problem is, my brain has been bent in half and turned in on itself trying to work out how. I know that there is a simple method - there must be - surely.... But the pain of the search has got the better of me.

So until I work it out I'm going to stick with the good old faithful utube link - where you get the whole kit 'n caboodle!

Today we attended a fundraiser for Daylesford Community Food Gardeners. There was music and wonderful food and catch ups with friends - and the MeltDown of a certain four year old - which progressed into the tremendous meltdown of the almost two year old.

Tomorrow is a new day.

How is your weekend going?


  1. Sometimes I post the whole video from youtube, but I really like to use the grooveshark link. It's easy if you want me to send you the directions. Just let me know! :)

  2. Oh dear - two meltdowns. That's enough to make you want to start the day over

  3. Daylesford is so lovely but sounds like the peace may have been slightly interrupted by meltdowns.

    My weekend is full of sunshine - although, it's almost too hot to go to the beach here in Perth!

  4. Oh, Nina Simone! What better music to play on a Sunday afternoon?

  5. my weekend was ... snowy and oh! i love Nina Simone! : )

  6. I love listening to music on other blogger's sites too! It is a great way to get to know someone I think :). Love Nina Simone, and what a great song to post!!! It took me a small bit to figure out grooveshark, but it isn't bad at all :). You do have to sign up for an account--free, and then there is an option to embed it into your html. Good luck, and you tube is always a great go-to, I agree. Music videos are just as fun!

  7. Music and writing are my life and I couldn't live without them! ;o) Thanks for stopping by my blog. I couldn't resist telling you that your Nina Simone video was the clincher. I'm sure we have much in common!

  8. Oh dear...meltdowns. Not a season of childhood that I'm looking forward to. I hope that your new day is going well! :)

    Love you song choice!

  9. Thank you for visiting my blog. It is always nice running into another free spirit and dreamer. Enjoying all of your inspirational bits.

  10. Love Nina... such an amazing song! I always feel like I need to get into a little black dress, high heels and go to a smokey jazz bar when I hear it :)

  11. what a lovely sounding weekend... well, sans meltdowns of course.

    great song. love the beat. you can see why it was used in commercials. love this version.
    grooveshark is quite easy to use.


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