they live there

"I have drawn my children and painted them endlessly and I cannot distinguish them from my soul. 

They live there."

Paintings: Mirka Mora


  1. Beautiful. The paintings and the words. And the sentiment behind them...

  2. Beautiful quote - happy Tuesday!

  3. what a beautiful quote and the painting. Perfect!

  4. i don't know what to say, especially about the last one. such intimacy.

    last night on the couch with my children i told them each a short story, my son 9, my daughter 11. i told my daughter that when she was young, a toddler, i would pick her spaghetti self up and immediately a noodle of her arm would go down and between my breasts. my son, he didn't discriminate. he loved all breasts. always, my shirt was dirty from his paws but too, when i would pick them up from daycare their favorite teacher would have two dirty palm prints striated across her shirt. they were shocked and delighted. of course, they want to pretend they are afraid of my body now (all bodies). but how can they, really?

    yes, a perfect quote to marry these two beautiful images.



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